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Anita said:
Sunday, 4 Aug 2013
I am excited to have come across your web site and look forward to learning more on this subject. Thanks for the accessibility to such dynamic thought.
Lumarvens said:
Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013
I'm just looking for great facts about intelligence, due to the fact that I have set a pretty powerful goal of being exceptionally brilliant in life.
Marendi said:
Monday, 11 Jul 2011
I will like to get ur newsletter. thanks
Genevieve said:
Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011
Please just help me work on my intelligence.Thanks
Roberta said:
Friday, 22 Oct 2010
I deal with severe depression and want to know if you have useful information, especially on memory. I am disabled because of depression and I recently went to online college to make someting out of my life, but somtimes I run into brick walls with comprehension and memory.Can you help?
Thomas said:
Tuesday, 28 Sep 2010
I am a professor and researcher, working in Japan. I would like your authors to cite their facts, claims, etc. so we can study the scholarly literature if we want more information about a particular point or topic. Thanks!
Sulaiman said:
Friday, 3 Sep 2010
Thanks for this site is really helpful to my course of study
Agegnehu said:
Friday, 26 Feb 2010
Please make it facilitated for citation. thank you
Crystal said:
Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010
Enjoy reading about everything; my interests are broad.
PRAMOD said:
Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009
I have go through your some comments on topic related to psychology,and found very informative, As a psychologist I feel satisfied in touch with you. PRAMOD
Nnamdi said:
Sunday, 2 Nov 2008
Keep doing the good work
Prasad said:
Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008
Nice Website. I have found good information here. thanks.
Bhuvi said:
Sunday, 3 Aug 2008
Its really working great.........
Ronelio said:
Saturday, 31 May 2008
I've learned so many things in your articles thank you very much it helps a lot to me to improve my self.